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An important message regarding COVID-19

Modular Software Ltd. is monitoring and assessing public health recommendations regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Presently we are maintaining regular office hours however we are also preparing to support our employees and customers remotely in accordance with the advice of public health officials.

Modular Software Ltd. has instituted a remote-work policy as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and based on the advice of public health officials regarding social distancing. Our office is closed as a result, however we continue to operate and we are maintaining our regular business hours.

Please be assured that there is no change in the operation of your on-premise or hosted Modular solutions. We continue to be available by phone or email if you require support.

We know that these are difficult times, but we are committed to our role as your business partner. Public safety is of the utmost importance for all of us at this time. Rest assured that we will continue to partner with you while you focus on the safety of your employees, family, and friends.

Supply Chain Software

Modular Software Ltd. is a certified IBM Business Partner specializing in the development of supply chain software for the importer, wholesale distributor and assembly manufacturer. We continually keep our customers' business systems fresh with the latest product features and useful technology.

Our mission is to be the best at helping you add measurable business value in strategic areas, through advanced technology and long-term partnership.

Our Matrix product family combines desktop, mobile and web-driven software covering the gamut of customer service, inventory management, procurement and financial control applications, with advanced, integrated products for e-commerce, vendor-managed inventory and wireless warehouse operations.

Complimentary services from Modular such as the EDINet EDI hosted service and our MPN private ADSL communications network for customers, constantly build your competitive position, lower your operating costs, and ensure you are always ahead of your customer's requirements - and your competition.

Modular offers you a systems partner who anticipates your needs and develops quality products and services, ready for you when you need them.


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