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Additional Services

Modular Client Services are part of a process of continual improvement in the efficiency and productivity of our customers' organizations. In addition to our HelpDesk support programs, which ensure the health of those Modular Systems, we offer innovative consulting and training services to add even further value for customers.

There are two primary extensions to our Customer Care program.

1. On-Site Services

Modular provides consulting services at customer locations to ensure that the company is receiving full benefit from the features that Modular has engineered into the software, and to refine business processes, workflow and paper flow. Modular's products are continually enriched with new functionality as part of our development process, and customers receive the updated software versions as part of the Annual Support Program. The system review process then makes sure that a company can continuously gain further benefit and value from their investment.

2. Education & Training

Initial training on elements of the Modular system is typically provided as part of the implementation project and is conducted at the customer's location. We offer various levels of application and system training for optimizing use of all our products, to ensure each customer receives maximum benefit.

Courses can be held at a customer's location, or are scheduled at the Training Centre at Modular's headquarters in Mississauga, Ontario. They cover the gamut of introductory to advanced systems management, data management, Matrix package refreshers, Inventory Management and Replenishment, and data manipulation and presentation from simple queries to sophisticated business intelligence.

To register for courses or discuss your needs, please contact:

Training Coordinator
Modular Software Ltd.
245 Matheson Blvd. East
Unit 5B
Mississauga, Ontario
Canada L4Z 3C9
Tel. (905) 890-3778

Modular may reschedule courses depending upon enrollment.

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