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Accounts Payable

Matrix Accounts Payable is a Modular designed, high performance software product, and an integral component of the Matrix Financial Management software family.

The Accounts Payable system is normally used in combination with the Purchasing and General Ledger systems. It has been developed with very comprehensive reporting and inquiry capabilities which will provide effective control of your company's liabilities and cash requirements.

Matrix Accounts Payable is an integrated, graphical real time financial solution, which includes:

  • An A/P control file storing comprehensive information including Currency Exchange rates, G/L account numbers, etc. for multiple companies.
  • A vendor record containing key information used in the automatic inventory replenishment calculations, including Minimum P.O. value, Minimum P.O. weight, Minimum P.O. units, Minimum P/O cubics, the Review cycle for this vender in weeks or months and the date of the next review.
  • Smooth, automatic handling of foreign exchange transactions with appropriate conversions into Canadian Funds for inquiry, reporting, comparison purposes, and the capturing of cost variances and expensing to the General Ledger.
  • Posting of an invoice to any G/L period, and the option to expense to multiple periods and years.
  • Flexibility to handle miscellaneous vendors, vendor terms and discounts, manually written cheques, cheque approval value, and cheque reconciliation.
  • All transactions - invoices, credit memos, cheques, etc., can be collected in a History File for as long as required on disk for instant audit on a workstation or printer.
  • The option for a "Hold" status to be placed on a vendor or an invoice resulting in no cheque being issued until the status is resolved.
  • The priority scheduling of payments whereby invoices can be automatically scheduled for payment based on one or more criteria: take advantage of discounts, avoid interest charges, quick payment status invoices, and the actual date payment is due.
  • Cash requirements for any selectable future period.
  • A vendor record accumulation, and display on an instant inquiry, of performance statistics for the last two years.
  • A Vendor Profile system allowing hundreds of notations to be accumulated and stored by vendor, to contain details of purchasing activity, delivery details. This electronic notepad can help to replace the volumes of notes found in most companies and it provides a central, accessible database.

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