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Accounts Receivable

Matrix Accounts Receivable is a Modular designed, high performance software product, and an integral component of the Matrix Financial Management software family.

The Accounts Receivable system is normally used in combination with the Order Processing, Invoicing and General Ledger systems. It is designed to give your company the ability to process the accounting functions of an open item A/R system, with the ability to properly control the outstanding receivables and the extension of credit.

Matrix Accounts Receivable is an integrated, graphical real time financial solution that includes:

  • One clear inquiry screen for the Credit Officer, presenting the complete and current credit, sales, payment and profitability picture of each customer.
  • Immediate access to a 'Credit & Collections' notes facility with follow-up date and the payment history over the last 24 months displayed in a convenient form. It highlight trends and full ledger style transaction history for as long as required allowing quick, informed credit decisions.
  • A status code in the customer record whereby customers can be put on credit hold or credit alert, giving the proper credit warning at order input time and special alert reports to the order desk. Different "Aging Hold" periods can be established by customer.
  • A detailed 24 month credit history is compiled for each customer showing trends for sales dollars, closing A/R balance at month-end, average days to pay and average days outstanding. The 'average days' calculation is weighted to take into account the value of invoices.
  • Future Receivables feature allowing you to future date invoices, including split invoices with multiple payment dates, where you have special credit arrangements with customers. Such invoices are shown as 'Future' until they become "Current' when normal aging occurs.
  • A Customer Profile system allowing hundreds of profiles to be stored by customer, containing details such as sales activity, credit information, shipping, etc. Important credit, sales, customer service or delivery information can flag automatically during on-line Order Processing to provide extra credit control or to maximize a sales opportunity and provide good service.

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