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Company Story

Modular Software Ltd., a private Canadian company which celebrated its 40th Anniversary in 2017, is dedicated to the development, marketing and support of sophisticated application software for use on the IBM i Power system. These software systems are popular with customers in Importing, Wholesale Distribution and Manufacturing industries, typically with annual sales volumes in the $2 million to $300 million range.

Modular's Matrix software system started development in 1977. Our founder and President, Stephen Miles, researched the business needs in a number of Wholesale Distribution and Manufacturing industries and our design team has worked with hundreds of clients to produce one of the most efficient and comprehensive software systems available today. Matrix receives continual refinement through our on going engineering process, and all customers receive the new software versions.

Initial work was conducted for Burroughs computers, on which Modular Software completed over 50 sites. To appeal to a broader selection of clients, Modular researched alternative systems and during 1986 completed the research and development to convert our software to IBM systems. Modular Software Ltd. was approved as an Authorized IBM Business Partner, and forged a relationship that has proven valuable and beneficial for our former and subsequent clients, for Modular Software and IBM Canada Ltd.

Modular Software Ltd. has grown over two decades into a major IBM Business Partner, which works closely with each of our new customers, and with IBM, to ensure that the customers receive the correct computer system for today and for the future. In the last few years, Modular has become, with IBM, a pioneer in the fast emerging technologies of electronic commerce and Internet communications, in order to offer our clients the tools that will keep them ahead of their competition and meeting their growth and profitability goals.

Modular Software Ltd. is a full service computer company, one which provides a comprehensive program of data conversion, customer care and system enhancement services. Our software is kept up-to-date with new developments and requirements in each industry that we service. As new ideas are proven, the programs are enhanced and distributed to you, our customer, in the next scheduled software release. In this manner, you continue to receive even more value from Matrix and your IBM server, your staff receive the level of professional support they expect and your future is protected since you are using the current level of software, and are not left behind. Modular customers are invited to join the Modular Customer Association which meets regularly.

Modular has recorded considerable success in converting customers of other manufacturers' computers to our software and IBM systems with a high level of customer satisfaction. Modular acts as a successful integrator, building specific internal systems for our clients from industry standard components.

We Listen, Innovate, Deliver, and Support.

“Our design team has worked with hundreds of clients to produce one of the most efficient and comprehensive software systems available today.”


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