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Complimentary Modules

The software products included in our Customer Order Cycle, Replenishment Cycle, Financial Management and Data Access groups will form a solid sales and asset management system for your company.

Upon that foundation, you can build additional systems to automate other areas of your business and links with your trading partners, to really leverage your position in your Supply Chain.

The Matrix Complimentary Modules include:

  • EDI & EDINet Service - a pay-as-you-use hosted service at Modular, bringing you all the benefits of integrated EDI without the upfront EDI software and on-going software maintenance expense.
  • RF Warehouse Automation - raise warehouse accuracy and productivity through Modular's wireless bar code application for order picking, receiving and put-away, and physical and cycle inventory counts.
  • Sales Forecasting - a 48 month detailed picture of your company's sales, highlighting customers, salespeople, products and product categories. The timeframe covers two previous years, the current year and next year, and stores an original forecast, a revised forecast and automatically captures the actual results.
  • Tag/Lot/Serial Number Control - additional inventory management at the Tag (e.g. carpet), Lot (e.g. medical, wallpaper, paint, chemicals) and Serial Number levels (e.g. motors, transmissions, tools, etc.), with full tracking history of receipts and shipments.
  • Spool Management - a very useful archival and retrieval tool in the drive for a paperless operation. Regular transaction journals and reports are stored in this system, and archived in a media library for later retrieval and analysis at any time.
  • Bill of Materials & Work Orders - an integrated assembly control system, driven by bills of materials for companies who use work orders to assemble product or handle kitting activities. Includes direct connection with the Order Processing and Inventory Management systems.
  • Job Costing - for companies who perform one-off manufacturing or service activities, and wish to accumulate the material, labour and overhead costs of that activity. Full integration with Payroll and Inventory Management.
  • Payroll - a fully featured Canadian payroll system with links to the General Ledger, and Job Costing system.

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