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Customer Care

Modular offers a comprehensive suite of customer support programs and services, designed to satisfy the varying requirements and budgets of our growing family of customers. Today's Supply Chain systems are infinitely more complex than their predecessors, with hardware and software components from multiple vendors, all working together in harmony to consolidate and expand your position in that chain. Modular's HelpDesk support plans are there to provide the human element essential to help you grow your systems capability with new functionality, and to quickly solve any occasional bouts of disharmony amongst the components, should they occur.

Our outstanding and experienced Customer Service staff help you every step of the way, from Pre-Sales advice and consulting on how a Modular system will help you, to After-Sales implementation and training services, and long term customer care. Our HelpDesk plans offer a range of customer support programs, from business-day application support with package enhancements, to supplementary offerings to cover extended hours, additional package or network support, operating system assistance and disaster recovery.

Five HelpDesk plans are currently available:

  1. HelpDesk Package
  2. HelpDesk After Hours
  3. HelpDesk Plus
  4. HelpDesk Rescue
  5. HelpDesk Upgrade

A Modular Supply Chain system becomes the heart of a successful Wholesale Distributor, reaching into every facet of their organization and automating the links with their trading partners using the latest technology. In this manner, we ensure that your role within the Supply Chain is re-enforced and that every possible element of cost in your trading relationships is minimized.

"Modular Software doesn't stand still—they are always trying to improve and add different functionality to their software. We realized very quickly that Modular Software had a strong background and understanding of what our business was all about. It was a 'no-brainer' to hook up with them."

Varco Indudstrial Sales, Ltd.

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