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Data Access

In recent years, huge leaps in software functionality have occurred in leading products such as Matrix, as well as advances in server hardware technology where large amounts of data can be amassed inexpensively. Customer needs for more sophisticated inquiry and reporting tools have also progressed quickly due to the increasing complexity of business, and demands placed by trading partners in the different Supply Chains.

Matrix Data Access tools give you the power and flexibility to quickly and simply interrogate your system's valuable data. Modular believes in using industry standard methodologies and hence the full integration of leading edge software products and technologies. Across our customer base, we see varying demands for different levels of interrogation ability. We thus offer a range of capabilities at different investment levels to suit each company's needs. You have the implements, and you have the internal control systems through your Matrix applications.

The Data Access components include:

Each one of them is engineered to fit easily with the Matrix database, with complimentary capabilities allowing you to build the type of strong reporting and decision assist mechanism you need to compete and achieve your company's goals.

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