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EDINet - Modular's EDI Service Bureau

Service Description

In order to shield our customers from most of the upfront license fee, and on-going maintenance and upgrade costs of implementing integrated EDI with their Modular Matrix business software, Modular is pleased to announce the availability of EDINet a Modular-hosted EDI service bureau fully integrated to your Matrix applications with no re-keying of transactions.

The Modular EDINet system contacts VANs (Value Added Networks) on your behalf at the appropriately scheduled times, and captures your EDI transactions. With a "store and forward" routine, the EDINet system then sends the transactions to your system for immediate integration into your business processes. The reverse route is automated for transactions from your system returning to your trading partners, with the EDINet system polling you at preset times.

EDINet involves a modest sign-on fee, monthly processing charges based on volume, and a finite contract period with renewable options. Integrated, problem free EDI without the large price tag. This system will also free up valuable resources on your own server, because the processor cycles and disk storage associated with having your own EDI software are not required. You are also protected from:

  • Costs of annual maintenance charges on software
  • Costs of future upgrade charges for new software levels or when changing your server

Many Modular customers find their total EDINet expenses are less than the software maintenance costs of their previous EDI in-house package.

Operational Details

EDINet agreements are for a minimum one year period, thereafter extended on a quarterly basis unless cancelled by the customer on ninety days notice.

Modular sales staff will be pleased to discuss your specific needs and pricing.

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E D I Net

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