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HelpDesk Package

This is Modular's standard support offering for the industry-leading Matrix suite of application software products. The service is offered Monday to Friday, 8.30 am to 5.00 pm Eastern, and includes telephone advice from our Support Representatives, on-line support to your system to correct software issues, and standard software package enhancements.

The HelpDesk Package plan provides telephone and on-line support for:

  • Standard (unmodified) Modular Matrix software products
  • Basic IBM Operating System support
  • Basic IBM Operating System PTF (program temporary fix) support
  • Essential system clean-up
  • Basic workstation and printer configuration.

The Package plan is the main support foundation for the smooth operation of each customer's system. Its value lies in the ability for a customer to receive fast, accurate answers to operational questions, while receiving the latest, enhanced versions of the application software through regular releases. It is a requirement that the customer keeps current on a supported IBM level of the operating system. The standard package enhancements include such items as improved processing routines to raise productivity, new software features and regulatory and tax changes.

If customers require telephone or on-site services in addition to those listed above, they are available under the complementary HelpDesk Upgrade, Plus, After Hours and Rescue plans, or at current Modular hourly rates.

Pricing for the Modular Package support plan will vary depending upon the size and complexity of each system. Please contact your Modular representative for current pricing, or if you have any questions regarding this or any of the Modular HelpDesk support plans.

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