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HelpDesk Plus

HelpDesk Plus is designed to provide telephone assistance and services not covered under the basic Package plan. Under the Plus program, a customer can purchase a bank of support time, and time is drawn against the bank when a call is made with a question, or assistance is required on the matters below. The minimum time period for a call is 15 minutes, and a reconciliation of the time used is available. Time is purchased in increments of 10 hours and is prepaid. Any time spent in research on the problem may also draw down the bank of time.

The HelpDesk Plus plan includes telephone support for:

  • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) or OI (Order Import) program products
  • PC's (e.g. software questions or hardware troubleshooting, to the best of our abilities)
  • IBM Operating Systems (e.g. assistance on Client Access, ODBC connections, etc.)
  • Device configurations (i.e. workstations, printers)
  • IBM Query report generator
  • E-mail and Internet systems

At Modular's discretion, the following chargeable services may be covered by the Plus plan:

  • Training or re-training
  • PC installation and set-up
  • IBM iSeries installation and set-up
  • Programming

The following chargeable services are not covered by the Plus plan: on-site visits, project management, operating system upgrades and PTFs, design analysis or emergency after-hours support (see the After Hours plan).

Please contact your Modular representative for current pricing, or if you have any questions regarding this or any of the Modular HelpDesk support plans.

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