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HelpDesk Rescue

The HelpDesk Rescue support plan has been designed to cover those contingencies that occur from time to time where a significant system failure has occurred, and which are outside the scope of normal application support programs. The subject falls under the heading of disaster recovery, and may happen because of the mechanical nature of hardware systems such as disk or power supply failure.

With a customer's system down, our first priority is to get them operational as fast as possible, and the services required to do this would normally be subject to charges on a time-expended basis.

A hardware maintenance contract will cover replacement or repair of a defective part such as disk drive. However, before the system is operational, Modular may be required to spend hours or days in helping restore operating systems, programs and files from back-up (SAVSYS) media.

The Rescue plan is in effect an insurance policy to cover labour costs which would be incurred during such a restoration. Depending on the customer's location, and whether Modular has to travel to the customer's office, there may be additional travel and living expenses. The Rescue plan assumes that the customer will ship the system to Modular once hardware malfunction problems are repaired, and that Modular's SAVSYS and back-up policies have been followed and are current. System crashes with modern systems, given their inherent reliability, are rare. However, the proliferation of PC networks has resulted in systems which are many times more complex than ever before, with more things that can go wrong.

Modular Customer Service Dept. can arrange a half-day on-site review as requested, at the current service rate. This will help ensure that the customer's back-up procedures are current and correct, that the tape library is organized and labeled, and that SAVSYS routines are being run on at least a quarterly basis. If travel and expenses are required for the review, they will be billed additionally.

Please contact your Modular representative for current pricing, or if you have any questions regarding this or any of the Modular HelpDesk support plans.

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