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HelpDesk Upgrade

The HelpDesk Upgrade support plan is a supplement to the main Package support offering, which ensures that a customer's server is always functioning with IBM's most current, supported operating systems. This is necessary for the customer to receive Modular's latest package enhancement releases and to be in a properly supported condition. The Upgrade offering is available to Modular customers who are on full Package maintenance and are in good standing.

There are three possible scenarios for the operating system upgrade, which typically occurs once a year:

  1. Customer performs the operating system upgrade, under Modular's direction and with support by telephone. This is usually performed on one, predetermined Upgrade Weekend, with Modular having organized each customer's needs and pre-ordered new software and PTF's (program temporary fixes) on their behalf.
  2. Modular performs the upgrade for the customer at Modular's location during the Upgrade Weekend. It is the customer's responsibility to arrange disconnect, shipment of the system to and from Modular's Mississauga office and reconnect.
  3. At a scheduled time other than the Upgrade Weekend, the customer may elect to have Modular perform the operating system upgrade. Should a third party perform the work, Modular will also be involved to support running of upgrade programs .

One of the most important factors in the smooth running of today's complex networks is maintaining current operating system and application software. Modular's Package and Upgrade support plans will ensure you get the maximum return on your system investment.

Please contact your Modular representative for current pricing, or if you have any questions regarding this or any of the Modular HelpDesk support plans.

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