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Hosting Services

The current economic climate has forced companies to search for innovative ways to use technology to their competitive advantage, while reducing the cost of their systems operations. In this light, Modular has pioneered hosting techniques bringing new technology to our customers in an affordable form.

For example, where traditionally a customer would pay a one time license and annual support charges to install a particular function on their system, Modular has invested the upfront cost of a dedicated server and software, pays the maintenance costs and simply charges customers a reasonable monthly fee to use the service.

Combined with new low cost, high speed data communications (such as our MPN private ADSL network), this brings the latest technology fully integrated to our customers' systems at the lowest possible cost.

These new services have been hugely popular amongst Modular customers, who value their partner's continued efforts to ensure they stay at the forefront of technology usage at an investment level which they can justify.

"Matrix covers virtually all distribution management software requirements - The software is very comprehensive, giving us everything we need"

Weber Supply Group

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