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Invoicing & Counter Sales

Matrix Invoicing & Counter Sales is a Modular designed, high performance software product, with product and image integration, that your staff will utilize to rapidly process invoice transactions, as the result of shipping a sales order, or from a direct customer sale at a counter or through a stocking location such as a company truck. Full inquiry, reprint and image fax capability is offered from archived copies of invoices, kept as long as you wish.

Modular has designed this unique software based on the basic theory that there is no specific, standard way to process an invoice. Even within the same vertical industry, competing distributors have vastly different business models that require unique invoicing techniques. Pricing programs, inventory allocation rules, promotional activities, incentive programs, payment terms, shipping strategies, etc., all vary considerably from company to company. Thus Modular has developed software solutions with an object structure that are variable, based on the premise that each distributor's invoicing operation is unique and different.

Matrix Invoicing & Counter Sales is an integrated, graphical real-time billing solution that includes:

  • High speed invoice entry designed to minimize keystrokes required to invoice an order, and find information through window searches on customers, ship-to locations, products, past invoices, A/R details, sales history information, customer payment history and other key customer service information.
  • Pop-up notes for credit, sales, product or delivery notations appear to help the customer service or invoicing person be completely up to date on a customer's situation, and to be proactive in satisfying that customer.
  • Options are available to automatically generate invoices from a "Ship Confirm" routine, often completed by the shipping process in a warehouse. Those invoices can be automatically laser printed, faxed, e-mailed or sent through an EDI process (see EDINet).
  • Unique pricing rules for each Customer, including multiple prices, category and product discounts, quantity breaks, contract prices, cost plus, rebates, etc., are handled within the Modular Pricing sub-module.
  • Alternate product descriptions for multi-language or customer-specific requirements.
  • Linked to Matrix A/R for automatic update on the customer account.
  • Options are available, by customer, to summarize invoices into one composite or monthly invoice, showing all shipment details sorted by customer P/O number.
  • Date and time stamping of all stages of an invoice's life cycle.
  • For direct invoicing such a POS scenario on a sales counter, Matrix Invoicing allows for the processing of all types of payments: on-account, COD, credit cards, cash, etc. For a cash transaction, keying the amount tendered in a window after totaling the invoice leads to a field indicating the amount of change to give the customer.

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Matrix Invoicing Screen Shot
Matrix Invoicing screen shot

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