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Replenishment Cycle

A quarter century of working closely with wholesale distributors and their trading partners and industry associations, has provided Modular Software with a unique perspective from which to design and manufacture leading edge software products that truly fulfill a customer's need for simplicity, throughput and flexibility.

In today's Supply Chain environment, a company has to be able to efficiently deal with vendors in multiple ways and in many currencies. Since accurate margin control is so imperative given the current climate of pressure on profits, and long term price and delivery contracts with customers, the accuracy of landed costing of receipts becomes essential. The Matrix Replenishment Cycle software products have been refined to deliver that level of functionality and accuracy.

Matrix Replenishment Cycle applications give you the power and flexibility to promote your company as the preferred source of product for your customer. You have the tools, and you have the internal control systems through your Matrix applications. The components include:

Each one of them is engineered to fit together as a piece to a jigsaw puzzle, with complimentary capabilities allowing you to build the type of competitive sales and marketing campaign, and costing control system, you need to compete and achieve your goals.

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