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Software Solutions

Modular Software Ltd. has spent over twenty-seven years working closely with wholesale distributors and their trading partners and industry associations. This experience has provided a unique perspective from which to design and manufacture leading edge software products that truly fulfill a company's need in systems for simplicity, throughput, longevity and flexibility.

In today's Supply Chain environment, a company has to be able to efficiently deal with a customer or vendor in any mix of ways that are necessary for an efficient relationship. The telephone and fax are not today the key vehicles of communication. A distributor has to be able to react immediately to a request or order over the Internet, from a batch file generated on a hand-held device or a laptop PC, or from an EDI value added network. They also need a systems infrastructure, and partner, that can adapt and integrate technologies that are not yet commonplace, but will be a year from now.

We offer Modular Software as a qualified long-term, potential partner for your company, and Modular's Matrix software products as the systems infrastructure necessary to help you achieve your growth and profitability goals.

Hardware Solutions

Modular has been an award winning IBM business partner since 1985. Our software is developed and optimized for IBM’s Power9 running IBM i (formally AS/400, iSeries and System i) and DB2 Database.

IBM’s new Power9 servers are the industry’s premier ‘all-in-one’ business server ideal for small to medium sized businesses.

Key benefits of ownership:

  • Rock-solid security
  • Industry leading virus resistance
  • Reduced costs by simplifying IT environment
  • ODBC Database – DB2
  • Expandability to meet unpredictable demands
  • Legendary system uptime

If you would like more information about IBM and the Power9 server, please contact us at any time.

Modular Investment Protection Program


As a Modular partner, customers receive the latest upgrades to the Matrix software via annual enhancements - as part of their annual software support. Modular software is continually working to provide customers with the latest in leading edge technology and the tools to stay ahead of their competitors. As Modular grows and expands its capabilities, customers will remain current and continue to receive even more value from their Modular Software investment.

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