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Financial Statement Generator

Matrix Financial Statement Generator is a Modular designed, high performance software product, and an integral component of the Matrix Financial Management software family.

The Financial Statement Generator system is used in combination with the General Ledger system. It has been developed with very comprehensive and flexible reporting and inquiry capabilities which will provide effective control of your company's financial transactions.

Matrix Financial Statement Generator is an integrated, graphical real time reporting solution, that provides:

  • The ability to design the appearance and format of the financial statements generated by the system.
  • User defined report headings, covering page, report footings, column definitions, and order of accounts.
  • Unlimited levels of totals.
  • Column figures as a percentage of the total.
  • Selective account print suppression.
  • Comparison with Previous Periods and Budgets.
  • Full data export capability to all ODBC compliant PC packages.

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