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Quotation, Price & Delivery Inquiry

Quotations is an integrated, graphical real time software solution that includes:

  • High speed quotation entry designed to minimize keystrokes required to find information through window searches on customers, ship-to locations, products, past orders, order status, A/R details, sales history information, customer payment history and other key customer service information.

  • Quotations, price & delivery inquiries, order processing, branch transfers and returns are all part of one cleanly designed software product, with different "Order Types" to designate the actual transaction. Training is thereby reduced and human familiarity and satisfaction is enhanced.

  • Pop-up notes for credit, sales, product or delivery notations appear to help the customer service or inside sales person be completely up to date on a customer's situation, and to be proactive in satisfying that customer.

  • Automatic sales quote to sales order conversion

  • Unique pricing rules for each Customer, including multiple prices, category and product discounts, quantity breaks, contract prices, cost plus, rebates, etc., are handled within the Modular pricing sub-module

  • Alternate product descriptions for multi-language or customer-specific requirements

  • Automatic cross reference logic, and search options, between your product identity and a customer, vendor, competitor or generic part number or description

  • Date and time stamping of all stages of a quotation or inquiry's life cycle, through conversion to sales order, release to the warehouse(s), picking, shipping and invoicing. Generation of quotation and order processing statistics.

  • Fast, integrated non-stock or "special order" routine within the quotation lines

  • Additional free text room for the whole quotation or individual lines

  • Immediate e-mail, faxing or printing of the quotation or sales inquiry, directly from the workstation


Quotation & Price

WebSeries quotations is a Modular designed, high performance software product, with product and image integration, that your staff will utilize to rapidly process customer quotations and inquiries on price and delivery, be they live transactions or many inquiries into current or years of historical quotes and inquiries held on the system.

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