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Batch Orders – StoreRoom 2.0, EDI Service Bureau

1. Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

  • Modular has included inexpensive Symbol Palm-based bar code scanning units into a comprehensive, integrated data capture application, for use in cases where staff visit off-site or customer locations to establish inventory levels and products that need to be replenished.

  • The person scans the items that need to be replenished, and either enters the quantity to be re-ordered on the Palm device, or the stock count that they find in the bin. Versions of the Modular application can download a file of items per customer location with the min/max stock levels. From the actual count, we then calculate the re-order quantity. Files are built per customer location within the Palm for uplift to the main Modular system, wherein a replenishment order is automatically created on the system for picking and shipping.

  • The Modular VMI system has proven to be extremely effective, and has allowed our customers to lock in their existing customers, and to penetrate new accounts who had previously proved elusive to them. It is part of a real value-added service to your customer.

  • The off-site or customer storeroom location is organized with bar code labels on the products or bins

2. EDINet EDI Service Bureau

  • Modular has installed a large EDI server at our location with a sophisticated EDI software product. On your behalf, we then dial you and your trading partners at the established intervals, download, store and forward the EDI files to and from your system. A version of our software product, Order Import, then processes those transactions on your system without manual intervention.

  • EDINet is a Modular hosted service, bringing you integrated EDI capability without the high upfront cost of an EDI software package and the on-going maintenance costs of that software.

  • EDINet is extremely cost-effective since there is only a modest sign-on and set-up charge, after which you receive full integrated EDI for a low monthly invoice based on transaction load. EDINet also removes the EDI software load from your own server.

  • We support all established EDI formats and documents, in and out of your system



Batch Orders is a group of Modular designed, high performance software products, which automate the integration of customer orders into your Modular system via virtually any outside device or system. In support of your Supply Chain activities, we have engineered this software so that you can accept a customer order in virtually any format that the customer wishes to send it to you.

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