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We are Modular Software Ltd.


Over 40 Years of ERP Software Development Experience

Modular Software Ltd. is a privately-owned full service Canadian software manufacturer. Founded in 1977, Modular has built a reputation as an effective and reliable Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution on the leading edge of the software industry. With continued advancements to the software such as: Electronic Commerce, Wireless Warehouse, and our next generation WebSeries Software, the tradition of excellence will continue.

As a local Canadian business, located in Mississauga, Ontario, our customers enjoy the benefits of accessibility. Our highly trained customer service representatives are intimately aware of the WebSeries system and are happy to assist with any requirements. Here at Modular, customers deal with the ‘source’ and not just a branch office.

There's No Place like Home
Proudly Canadian

With 40 years of Research & Development dedicated to Modular’s software and input from hundreds of customers, Modular has created one of the most efficient and comprehensive software systems available today. Modular’s ERP solution contains twenty-five fully integrated modules specifically designed for Canadian distributors and assembly manufacturers.

With continual advancements in technology and new demands in the Canadian Distribution market-place, Modular is continuously expanding and enhancing WebSeries to meet our customer requirements. As a Modular partner, every customer becomes part of the Modular Investment Protection Program.


Trusted IBM Partner


As an authorized IBM Business Partner, Modular Software has proven to be a valuable partner to one of the largest and most successful technology companies in the world. Utilizing IBM’s dependable and cost effective Power platform, Modular has successfully installed over 150 customers coast-to-coast in Canada and the United States. In recognition of its contribution, Modular was awarded IBM’s coveted Global Award, one of only a few presented worldwide.

Innovation in the Distribution Industry 

At Modular we strive for innovations that anticipate the future – innovations that genuinely benefit a business and everyone associated with it. Our CustomerLink software product is one of the first to provide the benefits of real-time Internet electronic commerce. With new products and services continuously on the horizon, Modular strengthens your position in the supply chain and provides cost-saving solutions using state-of-the-art technology.

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