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Two-Factor Authentication

Security matters. Experts have found that 2FA is an effective method to block 99.9% of automated attacks.

  • 2FA is a method of adding additional security to Webseries user accounts. Currently each user has a User ID and Password. With 2FA the users will have an additional layer of security requiring a 6-digit verification code each time you log into a new device, or once a set period of time has expired.

  • Two-factor authentication achieves a higher level of security compared to the typical single-factor authentication which would be a single password or pin code. 2FA is an extra line of defense making it difficult for potential hackers to gain access to WebSeries. 2FA provides additional protection to the integrity of your company’s data.

​​Benefits of 2FA for Your Business


  • Stronger Security – As the digital world advances, the cyber threats increase. It is vital for businesses to protect themselves against these potential threats. A second line of defense like 2FA can significantly reduces the chance of hackers breaking into your WebSeries application.

  • Flexibility – With working environments shifting and more employees working from home, Modular wanted to ensure businesses and their employees have safe and reliable security to continue their work. 2FA is an excellent way to provide remote users with additional security to work on their home networks. Whether users are on mobile devices or remote desktops, 2FA is there providing additional security wherever your employees are working.


Two-Factor Authentication

Simply search the “App” store for ‘Microsoft Authenticator’ and download the app to your mobile device. The app is free and easily accessible for your users. The app will automatically scan the QR code and provide you with a new 6-digit number every 30 seconds. This would be known as a “One Time Password (OTP) which provides you the unique password for that session to log in. The next time you sign into WebSeries just open the Microsoft Authenticator app and use the code provided in the Authenticator code box.

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