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RF Warehouse Automation

Warehousing Project definition encompasses the implementation of scanning and real-time processing at the main warehouse:

  • Provide better tracking of serialized inventory

  • Improve inventory through real-time posting of transactions

  • Improve warehouse efficiency through elimination of writing serial numbers, reducing errors, and searching for inventory

  • Better customer service through accuracy, real-time updates, and better handling of Orders

  • Increase the warehouses ability to handle larger transaction volume

  • Move – move inventory from one bin location to another

  • Inquiry – Bin and SKU inquiry

  • Physical Count – entry routine for the physical count process. This option can significantly reduce the time it takes to process an annual count. This option can also be used to enter Cycle Counts

  • Bin/SKU Count – a real-time count routine which allows the warehouse to randomly count. This routine is typically used to correct and/or confirm the inventory of an item

  • SKU Utilities – Add stock cross references, set home or overstock locations

  • User utilities – change password


WebSeries Warehouse Management Examples

RF Warehouse Automation

Part of the warehousing process is to update and create the back orders as soon as possible, allowing the system to have back orders ready and waiting for inventory as soon as possible. To achieve this, a control setting is activated to create the back orders at time of shipping. Once the order is completely picked, with current available inventory and the remaining unpicked items split to the back order.

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