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Bill of Materials

Work Orders can be generated for build-to-order or for the replenishment of finished goods inventory:

  • Build unlimited work orders and bill of materials

  • Company connect sales orders to any work order

  • Easily track inventory and other related cost items

  • Work orders can be organized into stages kits and assemblies for inventory replenishment or on demand

  • Cost control

  • Lot and serial control

  • Multi-Level Bill of Materials allows customers to auto-generate a work order within a work order (ie. a sub work order)

  • Instructions can be stored on the Bill of Materials header, stages, and part/component lines


Bill of Material Examples 

Bill of Materials

Together with Modular’s inventory management and replenishment, our Bill of Materials module enables accurate planning for inventory replenishment for manufacture items, including kit assemblies for stock or on demand. This module also supports multiple units of measure, multiple locations, as well as lot tracking and serialized inventory.

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