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EDI Service Bureau

EDI Service Bureau builds a valuable storehouse of current and historical information on all the elements of your business activities:

  • The historical data in most cases is archived for as long as you wish, while remembering that the capability is a function of disk capacity available

  • Disk storage is relatively inexpensive, especially when compared with the value of extra information it can store

  • Modular has ensured through the WebSeries design that all the data is externally described, so that it is readily accessible by reporting tools

  • The reports can be presented in hard copy with printing options to show all, ranges or specific items, or displayed on a workstation

  • Query-type report generators are available for you to produce ad-hoc inquiries and reports, often building one report from multiple data files depending on the complexity required

  • IBM's Query product, which is included with the server's operating system, is an example, as are highly flexible third party products such as Crystal Reports

  • The Modular system has full ODBC compliancy, offering a customer the flexibility of interrogating the WebSeries database with any of the industry leading PC packages, such as MS Excel, Access

  • Modular Software holds training classes, either at your location or in a classroom setting at Modular, to ensure your staff have the knowledge and tools to achieve the level of data analysis and reporting you require


EDI Service Bureau

A powerful executive information system, current on a daily basis, highlighting revenue, expense and key performance indicators, by company, division, branch or business unit. A series of screen snapshots give immediate details on the company or business unit's health, with comparisons to prior periods and budget, to direct management attention to areas of success or problems. Subsidiary information then explores the key performance areas of credit control, inventory management and customer service.

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