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Invoicing & Counter Sales

Invoicing & Counter Sales is an integrated, real-time billing solution that includes:

  • High speed invoice entry designed to minimize keystrokes required to invoice an order, and find information through window searches on customers, ship-to locations, products, past invoices, A/R details, sales history information, customer payment history and other key customer service information.

  • Pop-up notes for credit, sales, product or delivery notations appear to help the customer service or invoicing person be completely up to date on a customer's situation, and to be proactive in satisfying that customer

  • Options are available to automatically generate invoices from a "Ship Confirm" routine, often completed by the shipping process in a warehouse. Those invoices can be automatically laser printed, faxed, e-mailed or sent through an EDI process (see EDINet).

  • Unique pricing rules for each customer, including multiple prices, category and product discounts, quantity breaks, contract prices, cost plus, rebates, etc., are handled within the Modular pricing sub-module

  • Alternate product descriptions for multi-language or customer-specific requirements

  • Linked to WebSeries A/R for automatic update on the customer account

  • Options are available, by customer, to summarize invoices into one composite or monthly invoice, showing all shipment details sorted by customer P/O number

  • Date and time stamping of all stages of an invoice's life cycle

  • For direct invoicing such a POS scenario on a sales counter, WebSeries Invoicing allows for the processing of all types of payments: on-account, COD, credit cards, cash, etc

  • For a cash transaction, keying the amount tendered in a window after totaling the invoice leads to a field indicating the amount of change to give the customer


Invoicing & Counter Sales

High performance software product, with product and image integration, that your staff will utilize to rapidly process invoice transactions, as the result of shipping a sales order, or from a direct customer sale at a counter or through a stocking location such as a company truck. Full inquiry, reprint and image fax capability is offered from archived copies of invoices, kept as long as you wish.

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