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ERP Solutions: Key Benefits for Radio Frequency (RF) Warehouses

Automating warehouse procedures using RF Warehouse with ERP solutions saves time and improves accuracy to increase cost savings.

An RF Warehouse solution is essential for elevating your warehouse operations. The following are some of the key advantages of implementing an RF warehouse in an ERP environment. The solution integrates warehouse procedures, thereby reducing the time required to complete tasks and increasing accuracy, resulting in significant cost savings.

Key benefit: a fully integrated system

According to Paul Reimer, CEO of Modular Software, a fully integrated ERP solution is key for maximizing the benefits of an RF warehouse in an ERP system. He emphasizes the importance of ensuring that the ERP solution chosen is fully integrated, like Modular Software's. According to Paul, bolt-on RF software is limited in its capabilities, but with a fully integrated system, like Modular Software's, it is possible to maximize the fit of the unique processes of each customer. Paul states that Modular Software's installations range from small to large warehouses, and all strive to achieve efficiency and accuracy.

Key benefit: accuracy & real-time advantage

"With an RF Warehouse solution like Modular Software's, you have the advantage of real-time inventory tracking within the entire ERP system”, says Paul Reimer. “The system ensures accuracy in your inventory management by constantly monitoring the location of each item in the warehouse. Paul highlights, "This means that you always have a clear picture of where your inventory is, eliminating the task of searching for inventory, saving you time."

Paul further emphasizes the importance of an accurate and real-time system by sharing an example of a customer who had a manual system. "Manual picking errors cost companies time and money. With an RF Warehouse, scanning ensures accuracy and prevents costly shipping charges."

According to Paul, having a fully integrated solution means real-time information for the users, allowing them to provide accurate information to the customer. With an RF Warehouse solution, you have the ability to check the status of an order at any time and see if it's being picked, partially picked or ready to be shipped, providing visibility and improving customer service."

Key benefit: saving time

Another key benefit of using an ERP solution for RF warehouses is saving time, as Paul explains. "In some cases, customers were handwriting 18-digit serial numbers, which as you can imagine writing down 18 characters, you're probably only getting about 50 - 60% accuracy on that kind of information. Obviously switching to scanning those serial numbers, your inventory and Order processing becomes infinitely more accurate, right away.”

He adds, “And while there was a huge learning curve for the for our customer to do that, and it cost them time at the beginning. It saved them a huge amount of time in things like warranty claims, because now the serial number is accurate."

Another area that an RF solution provides time saving is Counts, according to Paul. Physical Count processes that would occupy entire weekend, can be accomplished in less than a day. Or switch to daily counts that ensure accuracy all year long and satisfy auditors.

Key benefit: increasing volume

Paul emphasizes the importance of efficiency in an ERP solution, stating that "more orders picked means more orders can be processed and shipped out." He adds, "with an RF Warehouse, instead of sending a picker out to pick one order at a time, they can pick multiple orders. This efficiency can be multiplied when Orders are grouped by customer through the RF Dispatch system. “I’ve seen warehouses double their volume with the same staff, once they are fully trained”, says Paul.

In conclusion, an RF Warehouse coupled with an ERP solution can bring significant benefits, including improved efficiency, accuracy, real-time inventory tracking, and cost savings. It is important to choose a fully integrated system to maximize these benefits and take your warehouse operations to the next level.

For more information about RF warehouses and Modular Software’s ERP software for wholesale distributors, contact us or visit our WebSeries Suite page for more information.


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