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Get Laser-Level Precision with an Innovative ERP Solution Provider

Are you striving to improve your business efficiency and productivity to get ahead of the competition? Or are you trying to develop better decision-making, reduce warehousing costs, and smooth out your billing cycles? Modular Software is a leading ERP software services company with over 45 years of experience and a name behind the ERP solution that helps you shape your supply chain and advance your business results.

The Modular Software team can help you profit from WebSeries while ensuring you get extensive ERP consultation, training, and support.

A close-up of WebSeries ERP distribution software

If you’re looking to revitalize your warehousing, invoicing, purchasing, and inventory management processes, you need a solution that drives impact. The WebSeries ERP software system can serve as one to allow companies to oversee their business operations with laser-level precision. This includes everything from processing orders and managing inventory to tracking sales, analyzing payment data, and monitoring the supply chain.

WebSeries can be integrated as a cloud-based or on-premises solution. One of the great benefits of the WebSeries ERP software system is that we can roll it out with the modules your company needs in its key business area. It boasts twenty-five modules that let you feel the difference with comprehensive capabilities:

  • Harness the power of WebSeries for your e-commerce needs. Manage your inventory, orders, and finances in one centralized system to save time and costs by streamlining your operations.

  • Gain high-performance Inventory Management. Get real-time integration to order entry and purchasing to rapidly manage your inventory asset and achieve your inventory turn goals.

  • Tap into the Accounts Receivable module. Keep track of all the money owed to you, monitor payments, send out invoices, and stay on top of your finances.

  • Untangle your payables. Automate invoicing, consolidate payment processing, improve cash flow, and reduce accounting costs to make AP less time-consuming.

WebSeries has a lot more to offer. Check out WebSeries Suite to explore all its capabilities.

Advantages of our ERP software for supply chain management

Apart from being well-designed and customizable to your requirements, our software is known for continuous value in supply chain management because:

  • It’s an affordable ERP software solution, regardless of the hosting environment and modules.

  • It automates many tasks currently done manually, such as invoice generation and spool capture. This can save you time and the hassle of hiring more staff.

  • WebSeries helps you handle your supply chain more efficiently by showing real-time data on inventory levels, orders, and purchasing so that you can make well-reasoned decisions.

  • It assists you in better management of your finances. WebSeries provides detailed reports on your income, sales, and expenses, so you can better control the financial health of your company.

  • Our software is flexible and scalable. It can grow with your business, and you don’t have to worry about upgrading your infrastructure as your company expands.

Contact us to start your journey to optimization with the best ERP software in Canada!



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