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Purchase Order Requisitions

P.O./W.O. Requisitions is part of a Modular designed, high performance software product, with real time integration

  • Automatic creation of a requisition file for product replenishment either through the purchasing system (P.O.'s) or assembly system (Work Orders), by monitoring transactions in the order processing cycle and depletion of available inventory

  • Sale of a non-stock or special order item, i.e. one not represented by an active inventory master record, will directly create a record in the purchase requisition file since that item now has to be sourced

  • Inquiries immediately available through the WebSeries Purchasing and Inventory Management systems show optional sources for a product, foreign and domestic, with supplier FOB price, expected landed cost and average lead time for each vendor for this item

  • WebSeries routines then provide a worksheet ability to review, change, approve or delete requisitions, working with appropriate background data on the screen for each item on usage, trends, replenishment levels in this and other locations

  • The P.O./W.O. requisition system is also integrated with the Accounts Payable system so that vendor minimum purchasing levels can be brought in to the decision criteria. Those minimum levels may be by quantity, dollar amount, weight or cubic measure.

  • Once approved, WebSeries automatically creates the necessary vendor purchase or assembly work orders to replenish inventory

  • An individual purchase or work order is pinned to the original sales order line to assist in expediting the shipment when the item is received or manufactured


WebSeries Purchasing Examples

P.O./W.O. Requisitions

A Purchase Requisition file is created as an automatic by-product of Order Processing. Automatic re-order algorithms within the inventory management system will set re-order levels and quantities that are appropriate, and will trigger re-order data into the requisition file. Special order or 'non-stock' items will be transferred automatically from Order Processing. Data in the requisition file will then be reviewed, adjusted, approved, and then used to automatically produce a purchase order.

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