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Purchasing & Landed Costing

Purchasing is an integrated, real time control system that features:

  • P.O. creation, either as an automatic byproduct of the P.O. requisition process, or through manual keyboard entry. The P.O.'s are either printed, faxed or e-mailed directly from the system

  • A Stock/Vendor cross-reference file containing unique pricing in the vendor's currency, including landed cost calculations, and delivery lead time information for each product purchased from a supplier. This file enables estimated pricing of the P.O. at creation time, tracking of actual costs at receipt, reporting of variances and tracking of supplier performance.

  • As many Stock/Vendor combinations are stored as necessary, to handle where an item is purchased from multiple suppliers

  • All of the varying situations encountered in buying goods, including partial receipts in the Confirmation, In Transit, and Receiving functions. In each of these routines, the user has the option to back-order or cancel a remaining line quantity.

  • Cost adjustments, due to differences between the estimated P.O. value and the value of actual invoices (prices for goods received, duty, brokerage, freight, misc. landing charges) are reported and adjusted automatically. Receipts from foreign venders may be costed either at an 'assumed' exchange rate, stored in an A/P control file for a known period, or at the 'spot' rate given by the broker when the goods clear customs.

  • A Brokerage Duty/Freight reconciliation system tracks accrued amounts posted to Duty/Brokerage/Freight Payable accounts, actual costs invoiced and posts variances to the G/L. Freight charges are apportioned to the items by value or by weight or cubic measure.

  • Receiving Reports show outstanding customer backorders, and automatic packing slips and stock labels are printed at receipt time

  • Purchase orders may be raised for, and tied to, a specific customer order, or alternatively a job number within the optional Job Costing system

  • Storage of future vendor price changes with effective dates, with the option of being captured automatically from vendor media

  • Unique stock units are handled, as well as P.O.'s for standard stock keeping units. A standard unit conversion factor for each vendor and stock is stored, with the flexibility for the user to key on a line basis, a unique unit, conversion factor and price

  • Leeway and Allowances which occur in the purchasing cycle for price or delivery times are handled by allowance percentages set up in a control file


Purchasing & Landed Costing

The Purchasing System was designed to handle the complexities encountered in organizations with single and multi-site needs. The Purchasing system raises purchase orders from decisions made in the P.O. Requisition cycle, issues the P.O.'s in printed, faxed or e-mailed form, tracks the stages of a P.O.'s life cycle and handles the accurate costing of receipts into inventory, including the currency conversions and landing charges incurred by importers.

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