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Store Room 2.0

Modular’s second generation StoreRoom Module is a Module/App combination designed to allow you to manage StoreRooms for your customers, regardless of who owns the inventory:

  • StoreRooms can be set-up with your customers owning the inventory and you are simply sending a sales person out to the StoreRoom to figure out how much the customer has to order to keep adequate inventory

  • To make the sales persons task easier, Modular has created a StoreRoom App that will run on both iOS (Apple) and Android cell phones. The sales staff will be able to use the phones camera or a Bluetooth scanner to scan and record stock numbers which will help them quickly enter quantities for the StoreRooms.

  • The app will function with or without an internet connection. If the app is run offline, once the sales person establishes an internet connection, they will open the app and connect to transfer files.

  • The StoreRoom App works in conjunction with our StoreRoom Service Bureau. The StoreRoom App will upload a file to Modular’s StoreRoom Service Bureau for each StoreRoom the sales person counts and the Service Bureau will process and transfer the file to each customer’s Power server. Once the file arrives the StoreRoom module will automate the order and replenishment processes.


Storeroom 2.0

The StoreRooms can also be setup as inventory you own and once the sales person determines the usage the module will create and order and subsequent invoice, as well as replenish the inventory for the StoreRoom.

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