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How ERP Software’s E-Commerce Abilities Enhance the Sales Process and Add Revenue Opportunities

Learn how ERP software’s e-commerce abilities can help you improve the sales process and generate additional streams of revenue.

As e-commerce continues to grow and evolve, it's more important than ever for businesses to stay ahead of the curve and adapt to new technologies and trends. With the rise of e-commerce purchasing, businesses that don't have an online module are at a disadvantage.

But for those that do, it's not just about having an online store – it's about having an online store that's competitive and user-friendly. This is where Modular Software's e-commerce module, "CustomerLink," comes in.

Staying competitive with e-commerce

According to Deryk Piper, the Chief Operating Officer of Modular Software, "For some of our customers, it's a competitive thing. Their competitors are offering online shopping, so they need to get in the game in that respect as well."

But it's not just about simply offering an online store – it's about offering one that's efficient and easy to use. Deryk notes that some customers are doing 40% to 50% of their total sales through CustomerLink. With the expanded access, businesses can extend customer service hours, make products more accessible and generate revenue off-hours.

Additional sources of revenue

Having a fully integrated e-commerce system is a huge advantage for businesses. But the use case for ERP software doesn’t stop at having live, real-time data and accurate inventory counts. It can also enhance customer relationships, to drive new sources of revenue.

As Deryk describes, “a sales representative with access to CustomerLink, could have five key accounts to manage. The sales rep makes regular visits to these customers to understand their evolving needs and new requirements, while also sharing information about the latest products and offerings that may be of interest to them.”

To stay informed and responsive to their needs, these sales reps can utilize CustomerLink, to access real-time data, including, the order history, past purchases and current outstanding requests.

With this data, the sales rep can:

· Check on their own accounts in real-time

· See what orders are outstanding

· Suggest other products

· Place orders on behalf of those accounts

Once the sales rep has the whole picture, they are better able to offer insights on what to order, when. Delivering an exceptional customer experience, by being able to promptly address any concerns and identify opportunities for upselling.

Revenue from third-party suppliers

Revenue from third-party suppliers can also be a valuable source of income for businesses. By allowing vendors and suppliers to advertise on the customer's platform, businesses can open up new revenue streams by providing additional, “featured” products to their customers. This can be compared to the concept of end caps at a brick-and-mortar retail store. This not only creates new revenue opportunities for the business, but also offers customers more options and a more diverse selection of products.

A staged approach

Many of Modular Software's customers are beginning to realize the importance of transitioning to e-commerce and are looking for guidance on how to make this transition. Their approach is to start by introducing their sales teams to CustomerLink as a tool to improve their own internal processes, and then gradually encouraging them to promote it to their own customers.

This allows for a more seamless integration of e-commerce into their operations, rather than a sudden and overwhelming shift.

In conclusion, ERP software’s e-commerce abilities can significantly enhance the sales process and open up new revenue opportunities for businesses. Modular Software's e-commerce module, "CustomerLink," can help businesses achieve this by integrating the e-commerce system into the sales process, helping businesses improve customer relationships, and drive new revenue streams. Through the use of live, real-time data, businesses can identify new opportunities for upselling and revenue from third-party suppliers. For those looking to transition to e-commerce, a staged approach starting with the sales team can make the transition more seamless.

For more information about our WebSeries Suite or CustomerLink, please contact us.


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