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General Ledger 

General Ledger is an integrated, real time control system that features:

  • A unique file structure enabling as many years of historical and budget figures on-line as desired. A company can post an adjustment, for example, to any period of any year and roll forward the now correct opening balances, and produce new 'adjusted' financial statements.

  • An automatic period end routine, ensuring that once all entries have been made, the profit/loss for the period is calculated and posted to the appropriate owner's equity and retained earnings accounts

  • A G/L account numbering system with excellent flexibility. The number can be broken into division/ cost center, group account and sub-account numbers. A reference G/L number in the record allows reporting to a company's parent organization in the parent company's own G/L numbers. Extra productivity during data input comes from a 4 digit short form for commonly used G/L numbers.

  • A complete Audit Trail, with a History record stored for as long as required for each debit and credit posted in the system

  • Retained are the source module (A/R, A/P, etc.), journal type and number, date posted, user ID, and account balance after the transaction was posted

  • Drill down through history capability

  • A recurring transaction file which handles entries that occur every month

  • An accrual reversal feature for the allocation of general costs on a department basis

  • Future budgets that can be set based on this year's budget plus a percentage, or one lump sum may be taken and distributed to future periods based on varying monthly percentages


WebSeries General Ledger Examples

General Ledger

The General Ledger system is normally used in combination with the Accounts PayableAccounts Receivable and Inventory Management systems. It has been developed with very comprehensive reporting and inquiry capabilities which will provide effective control of your company's financial transactions.

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